Reasons Why Skilled Legal Representation Is So Important for an OUI Charge in Maine

Reasons Why Skilled Legal Representation Is So Important for an OUI Charge in Maine

Jul 30

In Maine, a drunk driving charge is legally known as operating under the influence. An individual charged with OUI may figure there is no way a criminal defense attorney can help if the blood test showed that the alcohol blood level indeed was above the legal limit. Lawyers can help in several ways, however, even if the evidence is substantial. For instance, even if a lawyer cannot convince a prosecuting attorney to drop or reduce charges, the lawyer may be successful at convincing the judge to impose the most lenient sentence allowed by state law.

There are other factors involved besides the blood test. Not everyone realizes that a police officer must have good reason to pull someone over and check that driver for OUI. Either the driver must have done something illegal or questionable, or there must be some equipment malfunction such as a burned-out brake light. If this was not the situation, an organization such as the Webb Law Firm may be able to have the case dismissed because the officer did not behave according to legal standards.

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If there are no circumstances that would allow a dwi lawyer to have the case dismissed, the client will count on this attorney to prevent the worst consequences that can be levied in an OUI conviction. People generally expect that they will be forced to pay a hefty fine, have their driver’s license suspended for a certain time frame and even spend a very short time in jail. They often don’t realize that the state has maximum penalties a judge may impose that are much harsher than the minimum mandatory sentence.

Maine takes intoxicated driving very seriously. In fact, a judge is allowed to sentence a first-time offender to a full 364 days in jail. The mandatory minimum fine is $500, but a judge can impose a fine up to $2,000. A judge might decide that the person has behaved so irresponsibly that these harsh sentences are justified to prevent future reckless activity. For these reasons, it’s crucial for a person charged with OUI to have skilled legal representation to maintain his or her freedom.

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